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Living Our Dream, Let us share it with you.

We have been full timing RVers since March of 2007 and “most timing” since 2003. We have been to every Canadian province, Alaska, all but 2 of the continental US states and 8 Mexican states.

We are privileged to be allowed to travel with a 70 pound Standard Poodle by the name of Fillmore. In fact, more people read this blog to catch glimpses of him than to find out about us. He travels well and has friends all over the country.

One of the reasons for sharing our experience is that we want to encourage people to follow their dreams now and not wait for that far off “someday.” We know of too many people who postpone or even deny this lifestyle for “health” reasons.

JoAnn was diagnosed with a breast cancer in 2006 that was successfully treated. In fact we delayed our adventure so that she could finish treatment. The week she was finished, Doug was diagnosed with State 4 prostate cancer. Fortunately we had a wise oncologist who knew of our dream and encouraged us to follow it. In 2008 a primary cancer was found in Doug’s lung and thanks to a new treatment, his lung is now cancer free.

We have had excellent medical care on the road. We carry our records with us and when we need care (Doug needs a shot every 3-4 months), we get a referral or look up an oncologist on the internet and set an appointment. We have been blessed with some excellent physicians in our travels.

We believe that “health” reasons are one of the main reasons for living on the road. We are doing what we love, we are seeing this magnificent continent, we are meeting and making more friends than we ever thought possible. In short, we have created a happy, healing environment for ourselves.

Doug believes that there is opportunity for him in the challenge of the diagnosis; an opportunity for more personal growth. He thinks he is in a win-win situation. If the disease disappears, he will live happily ever after. If the disease does him in, he will live happily ever after.

We post every day. JoAnn is the photographer and Doug is the writer. We welcome comments and are glad to share our experience about the RV lifestyle.
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Map Southwestern USA
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Living Our Dream 

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Living Our Dream

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