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Hello to all family and friends. Post Thanksgiving 2019 we are headed out on the road again. (sing “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson) We had returned to Cyndy’s house in Leland NC in late August and have been “mooching” ever since. Following a great Thanksgiving as well as the seasonal “Christmas Wreath” sales at Church, we are heading West again. Initial winter plans are to visit Jeff in Tucson again, with projects lined up such as a new roof, back-yard fence, and new floors. We hope to be able to add a second bathroom in the Tucson house some day, but that may be next year’s project. Stay tuned…
We are beginning this year’s travel blog as a “sequel” to the past two years blog we called “One Day at a Time” with a fresh new travel map. We hope you enjoy.

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LA, TX, and into NM
Tucson...and Beyond!
Honoring "Uncle Jack"
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