Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019 travel blog

Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019

Cindy and I welcome you to our second Trip Journal. Doing the Alaska Trip Journal was so much fun, we decided we should do it again.
Our trip this year will take us north through Illinois and Wisconsin to visit with family and friends. We will then head east through the Great Lakes with a quick stop in Mackinaw Island. We always wanted to go there and never made it.
From there, we will head through Canada where I am told by my Canadian friends, that we will see primarily "cows". I'm sure there is more than that to see.
We plan on spending about a week on Prince Edward Island. Canadians refer to it as PEI, so that's what I will call it also. I apparently missed that day of geography, but PEI is actually a Province. We will tour the entire coast of the island making stops in a lot of farm communities and fishing ports. I understand that PEI is a large Gaelic community. Should be fun.
We will then move on by ferry to Nova Scotia. We will be in Nova Scotia for about a month and again we will tour the entire coast with countless stops. It will certainly be exciting.
We will then make our way back to Maine and down the eastern seaboard for a few more stops at some of our historical areas, then back to Florida.
Joey will again be traveling with us. He is very excited too.
I am forwarding this notice to everyone on last years list. You can always opt out if you wish. If you have friends that you think would enjoy this journal, please send me an email with their name and email address and I will send them an invitation.
I'm going to go brush up on my French so I can get through New Brunswick.

Departure Date July 20, 2019

Talk Soon,
Rich and Cindy

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