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Nepal Trek 2012

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Mary & Dave's trek to Nepal and the Everest Base camp. April 2, 2012 - April 26, 2012.

We will be travelling with a group of 12 people ranging in age from mid twenties to mid Sixties. We are being led by our close friend Eoin White. Eoin is the owner of the treking company "Sherpa Encounters". You can find his web site at

This will be Eoin's 17th trip Nepal. Needless to say he has a wealth of information and contacts that should serve us very well. If it were not for our complete trust in his ability to ensure a safe and eventful trip I am not sure that Mary & I would feel as comfortable about the trip as we do.

We have been planning this trip for the better part of a year. Putting together all of the proper clothing, doing some practise hikes on Burnaby Mountain, and asking as many questions of our Leader as we can.

We are now ready for one very amazing trip!

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