Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005

(Just for kicks I added the other longer trips which we took together since we met in 2002.)

This is it! After one year and one week the trip is over.

Check out the entry under "Final Thoughts" for the answer to the question that everyone wants to ask but only the bravest ones do (and I don't mean the question about what kind of stomach ailments we suffered from since everyone seems perfectly comfortable to ask about those gory details - I'm talking about the $$ question). Also in our final thoughts are a list of the top ten great ideas that we observed in other parts of the world that we think should be adopted at home, as well as answers to some FAQ's like "favorite place," "best food," "scariest moment," etc.

Thanks to all of you who kept in touch this year and who enjoyed keeping an eye on us during our adventures. We'll have the website up and running for a few more months so you can check in on our current, admittedly much less exotic, activities.

If this is your first visit to our site, if you go back through the entries you can read about things like climbing high mountains in the Caucasus and in the Andes, scuba diving in the Red and the Andaman seas, Olympic games in Athens, pyramids in Egypt, archeological sights in Peru, wild life and wild views at Galapagos and Patagonia, boat ride on the Amazon, camel trips at the edge of Sahara and the Thar desert, orangutans on Borneo and yoga in India.
Our original entry from June 2004:

Welcome to our trip journal! This is a centralized place where we will try to keep people who are interested up to date on what we've been up to on our travels. By way of introduction, some of you have asked how we came up with this idea in the first place. In January 2003 we took a trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a safari. In the van on the way to Kilimanjaro we met a couple about our age and we soon discovered we had a lot in common them: they were from Boston as well, the girl was a lawyer, the boy a Dr. They were in the process of moving from Boston to San Francisco and in between those two cities they inserted a 3 month around the world trip. We both love to travel and have dreamed about travelling around the world, but after meeting people so similar to us in the midst of such a trip we started thinking, "Hmmmm, we could do that, too!"

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Key West, Fl (charlie)
St. Augustine, oldest...
Cape Canaveral
Springfield, IL (Charlie)
Ambergris, San Pedro,...
Caulker caye, Belize
Lamanai maya ruins, Belize
Nov 22/06
Jacksonville Marathon,...
San Jose, CA, Charlie
Venice, Florida
Charlie, yet again...
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