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Hi All

So you all wanted to know what I was up to when I was away! So I'll still be doing My Trip Journal but with so many people on Facebook (including my grandparents (for my trip)) I thought I'd do it this way as well. Even better that I can combine them!

The current plan is (could all change tomorrow)(NTS=No Time Scale)
London >> Singapore (2 weeks) >> Perth (NTS)>> Adelaide (NTS) >>>>> who knows!!

Sorry its a rubbish description but hopefully my writing and pictures will make up for it over time!

Stay Cool, Hang Loose, Admit Nothing


Update - Please invite people! Setting up a group is annoying as you got to remember names!!! I don't want to offend any one".

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And I'm off!!
So I'm finally here!
A short day out and a...
Singapore Zoo & Night...
A nothing day
Somewhere new and a new...
New friends and new...
selamat tinggal Singapore
First week of Ozzie life
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