Glaciers, Deserts, Mountains - Latin America 2007 travel blog

Glaciers, Deserts, Mountains - Latin America 2007

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Paul and I are off on a trip of a lifetime! I have always wanted to visit Latin America - the lure of the Andes was always especially appealing. Also for the longest time the desire to visit the Inca citadal of Macchu Pichu has been my number one most wanted place to see....and now I am!!
It's winter in the Southern hemisphere and the temperatures are going to range from -25 to 22 so will not be coming back with a tan..
The red dots on the maps show where we've been to, you can click on the number and it will take you to the journal entry for that day!
Hope you enjoy reading this journal and it's lovely to get your messages so please carry on leaving them...
Adios xxx

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Off to Bolivia!
Siloli Desert and a poorly Catherine
Salar de Uyuni - breathtaking..
Driving to Potosi
Relaxing in Potosi
Off to La Paz
Lazy day and afternoon tour of La Paz
Lazy last day in La Paz
Driving to the shores of Lake Titicaca
Over the lake, now in Puno
Onwards to Colca Canyon
Fabulous day with the condors and...
Onto lovely warm Arequipa....
Mummies and Convents in wonderful...
The Road to Cuzco
A day at leisure in Cuzco
Journey into the Sacred Valley
Taking it easy in the Sacred Valley
Newsflash....Peru Earthquake.
Off to Machu Picchu
Return to Cuzco
Last day in Peru
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