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Welcome!! I hope that through sharing my stories and pictures you can all feel a little more inspired to follow dreams and do the things you love most!! Please keep in touch everyone, I will update that as much as possible, and I want to hear how everyone is doing!

"Creativity is Maximized when your Living in the Moment"

"Choose Positive Thoughts, the Concious Brain can only hold One Thought at a Time"


ATTENTION!!!!! New phone #! From a Land line: 011 61 424647914
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From Australia: 0424647914

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Feb 4/07
Ello Mates!
Some pics to keep...
Happy Bday to Me!!!!
Reflections on Airlie...
Random pics of avatar
Last Day In Airlie!!!!
Hervey Bay
Fraser Island
Only One Pic Worked!!!!!
Drumming Circle
Our interesting...
Finally some pictures!!
a few more pics HAPPY...
Mom this entry is for...
Great News! and HAPPY...
james FAMILY!!!!!
Random Photos
Last Entry
Happy Birthday...
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