Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

Kirsty RTW '04/'05

Kirsty travel blog
Hiya , Well I'm home and have been for quite some time! Life at home is unchanged, back to normal, and..... "Im Luvin It!" Its the best feeling in the world to have actually went out there made your dream come true. Dont have any regrets, cant believe I've now done it, and that it went by so quickly, and I'm now back into my old life like nothings changed, happy days! Only differnce is there are now more places to see in the world, the more you see..... the bigger the list of 'must gos' gets!
Glad to hear so many of you enjoyed the exciting, if somewhat rambling adventures I had! Get ooot there and make me jealous!!

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UAE- Dubai
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