Kay's Round the World Trip 2006/2007 travel blog

Kay's Round the World Trip 2006/2007

Kay travel blog
Hi everyone,
I hope that keeping this journal will be a fun way to stay in touch and give you a taste of some of the places I get to. If nothing else, it'll make sure I get to an internet cafe regularly to check emails and download photos!
Have a great Xmas and New Year.....and I'll see you in March.
Love Kay x
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Day 93 - Española Island
Day 94 - Santa Fe Island
Day 95 - Charles Darwin...
Day 96 - Cotopaxi...
Day 97 - Quito tour and...
Day 98 - Last day in Quito
Day 99 - Quito to Miami
Day 100 - Miami photos
Day 102 - Miami to Boston
Day 103 - Boston
Day 104 - Back home again
The end of things for...
Some more Galapagos pics
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