Yet, new beginnings . . . travel blog

Yet, new beginnings . . .

John and Marc travel blog
Welcome to our website, unfortunately if you are just arriving, the show is just about over... sadly.
The travel part anyway...
The website will not expire on 08OCTOBER, 2006... but will go on until April 2007. We have been chosen one of THE BEST ! That means you can still view the website, but cannot communicate here. What a compliment !
Thanks to the staff at "my trip journal"...

Do it, just travel !


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Rainy saturday
Hello from Yarrow !
Just some party pictures ...
Maybe BABY ?
Last moments in Vancouver, Arrival in...
Baby Davis Morgan Lapierre
A drive in Quebec Country 25 April 2005
Going, going GONE !!!
Arrival in Amsterdam 01 May
Pictures ... and more pictures !...
Brugge, Belgium ...
Brugge, Belgium
Hello from Paris !
The Louvre and the Dead !
Pictures from the Louvre / more to...
Cinque Terre, Italy
More Italy: Pisa, Florence, Venice and...
Pictures, Florence, Venice, Rimini, Italy
Back in Touch, Hello from Athens, Greece
An update from John !!
Hi, from Thessonaliki, Greece, but...
Belated photo's from Greece June 2005
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