Horizons Unlimited Meeting Nelson, BC 2006 travel blog

Horizons Unlimited Meeting Nelson, BC 2006

Bill & Janine travel blog
Janine and I attended the Horizons Unlimited Travelers meeting at Nelson, BC in August of 2006.

We managed to travel roughly 1,200 km of the 1,400 km trip on gravel and forestry backroads. We have included details of the routes for anyone interested in these roads and pictures to offer some insight into this trip to help introduce others to the Horizons Unlimited community. If you have an interest in motorcycle travel, Horizons Unlimited is the ultimate resource.

Horizons Unlimited is a web site based organization of travelers who have, are or would like to travel the world by motorcycle.

The web site itself began as a travel journal and was created by Grant & Susan Johnson. Their motorcycle travels began in 1987 and spanned 14 years, 39 countries and every continent; over 100,000 km 2 up on a 1986 BMW motorcycle!

The Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board, or HUBB for short, is a fact-based forum for overland travellers, whether by motorcycle or 4WD. Started in 1999, it now has over 10,000 active users from all over the world.

There now exists a world-wide network of Horizons Unlimited Travellers Communities. Begun in Melbourne in 2000, there are now over 448 communities in 89 countries worldwide. Individuals join a community mailing list, and travellers visiting their area can write to that list for advice, assistance or just to meet and visit.

Susan and Grant started the Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meetings in May of 2001, while they were living in the UK, with an event held in their backyard. That first meeting had almost 40 people show up and some came from as far away as Norway!

In 2002 they had moved back to Canada and organized a meeting in British Columbia. There was an enthusiastic turnout for the Canadian meeting with folks coming from as far away as Missouri and California as well as two round the world travelers, from Switzerland and the UK. A second UK meeting was also held in 2002 with almost 100 people in attendance.

Since that time, annual travelers meetings have been established throughout the world. In 2006, meetings were held in the UK, Canada, USA East and West, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Australia and Argentina.

At the meetings travelers present slide shows of their travels as well as "how to" presentations on subjects a wide ranging as repairing tires, packing, health on the road and laundry!

Most of all, these meetings provide the opportunity to meet and learn first hand from people who travel the world by motorcycle.

For more information on Horizons Unlimited click here. Horizons Unlimited.

The event was held at Toad Rock Campground just north of Balfor on Kotenay Lake. This is a great campground dedicated to motorcycle travelers. For information on Toad Rock Campground click here Toad Rock Campground

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South on the Alberta...
Kananaskis to Coleman
Coleman to Corbin
Corbin to Toad Rock...
Travelers Meeting
Nelson to Kimberly
Kimberly to Canal Flats
Canal Flats to Castle...
Castle Junction to...
Canmore to Cochrane
Cochrane Home
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