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After the resounding success of the ‘World Odyssey’ travel blog (2007) – soon to be a major motion picture – I have taken heed of all advice, effectively ignoring it, and decided to once again quill my experiences and observations on a round the world trip for a now, non-suspecting public.

The same caveats as previously apply; this is neither a literary event nor an attempt to validate or refute any reader’s own experiences. Likewise it is not set down in order to endorse or correct a reader’s ‘knowledge’ or any prejudice that they may harbour (misguided or otherwise). No, this is a ‘blog’ trying to make some sense of what we see, taste, touch, hear and feel as we skip across different countries, ethnicities and cultures. Extracting some understanding of these wonderful human senses that we all possess implies that this blog, like it’s predecessor, will not just contain ‘facts’ (whatever they are supposed to be) but that it will be sprinkled with a dose of emotive feedback and perhaps, dare I suggest, an occasional spiritual dollop. It thus should be a construct of my openly bared observations, no doubt shaped (hopefully not deliberately) by my very own prejudices and ignorance.

This journey is of a different nature than the 2007 affair and therefore will, by definition, result in a different blog. Nor should one forget that the famed ‘medical supplies’ have had a further two year work out on the neurons and synapses; some probably don’t function as well now as previously and others have probably retired firing for good.

If you enjoy following our wanderings and my musings you are very welcome. If you don’t, that’s of course fine too, but if that is the case, then you shouldn’t expect to be offered free tickets to the premier of the movie when released.

Peace and love to all.

David & Peggy-Ann
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