--- Gareth and Helen travelled the world! --- travel blog

--- Gareth and Helen travelled the world! ---

Gareth and Helen - Yay! travel blog
(<----Cornish Flag)

Well that's it folks. 133 destinations, 350 journals and over 4000 photos. A year in the life of Gareth and Helen.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed telling you about our travels.

Get out there and do something!

This website will be here until September 9th for you guys, then it's going to have a sleep.

Cheers - see you on the next journey.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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Helen and Gareth are getting fit!!
UPDATED! - It's Gareth's Birthday today!...
Wash out!
Goodbye to the Cook Islands!
Crossing the International Date Line
Emergency! Helen's bag has gone!!
Insect bites and cold showers!
Relaxing before the Yasawas
Yasawa Flyer and arriving at Coral View
Coral View
Coral View / Korovou
Korovou / Kuata
Kuata / Card Games / Hippocrap
Kuata / Bounty Island
Sea Spray / Back in Nadi (Nadi Bay Hotel)
Auckland, NEW ZEALAND!!
Sarah and Jodi give Helen and G the...
Preparing for the next leg of our journey!
Playing Catchup / A walk to Mt. Eden.
We're all booked!
Gareth battles with STA travel and wins!
Check out the wheels baby! ROADTRIP!!
Bay Of Islands (Northland)
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