--- Gareth and Helen travelled the world! --- travel blog

--- Gareth and Helen travelled the world! ---

Gareth and Helen - Yay! travel blog
(<----Cornish Flag)

Well that's it folks. 133 destinations, 350 journals and over 4000 photos. A year in the life of Gareth and Helen.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed telling you about our travels.

Get out there and do something!

This website will be here until September 9th for you guys, then it's going to have a sleep.

Cheers - see you on the next journey.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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Life at City Backpackers!
Destinys Child!
As we approach the end of Brisbane...
Rugby League @ SunCorp Stadium!
Budda's Birthday!
Charlie Quinn is in the building.
Infamous pictures of us cleaning!!
Lone Park Koala Sanctuary!
We arrive in Perth!
A little note about security for the backpacker!
We've found a flat!
Still looking for a job...
Hospital: The truth about Charlie Quinn!
Gareth's got a job!
We hook up with Kuly!
Perth takes a battering!
The last of the pictures from Brisbane!
We love the West Coast!
Helen has a job!!
Winter!? Not at all!
Settling in to the West Coast scene...
More amazing Perth photos!
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