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Emily's Russian Adventures 2004

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Greetings Visitors, especially 2005 Fellows from the United States Russia Volunteer Initiative (USRVI) hosted by IREX! Feel free to browse through my journal entries and photos from my USRVI experience in 2004. You can also contact me via email with any other questions- I am happy to share! emilykatedale@yahoo.com

Welcome to my official travel website! Here I will be posting journal entries and photos of my trip to Russia, Winter 2004. I plan to update the site weekly while in Russia, so please feel free to check back often. My trip runs from November 8th, 2004 to December 16th, 2004.

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Pre-Trip Prep
First Week Moscow
Omsk, Siberia: Week 1
Omsk, Siberia: Week 2
Omsk, Siberia: Week 3
Omsk Siberia: Week 4
Last Week Moscow!
The LOOOng journey home!
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