Poco's great adventure 2009 - 2010 travel blog

Poco's great adventure 2009 - 2010

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Hi my name is Poco and I have decided it is very important to follow your dreams and take action. With these thoughts is mind, I will be taking an extended break to travel and fulfill my desire to be a beach bum and explore the world. Having been a bit spoiled, I am not going to venture off on this journey on my own. I have chosen as my traveling companions Cory and Elaine Lawton. I have appointed them as my baggage carriers and photographers. Although these two normally hold down jobs, they were able through plans at their jobs to take a year off. For the past four years their employers have deferred a portion of their salary, and will give them this money as well as a year off. Cory is looking forward to a break from his job with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways as a Commercial Transport Inspector. He has been helping keep the roads safe for 21 years, and Elaine will not miss selling stamps for Canada Post Corporation, but will most certainly miss the camaraderie of her co-workers and her many regular customers, many who bring a special joy to her day. After 26 years at the same job, I know Elaine is looking forward to the journey.
A little bit about me. Two special children, Katie and Chris James, who live in Port Coquitlam, selected me, hence my name Poco. Cory and Elaine are Uncle and Aunty to them, and these two are going to miss them. As they have to stay at home with their parents Russell and Melanie, and go to school, they are sending me in their place. They are planning on following my journey and learning about some of the world through me. It is my hope that this will ignite a spark in them, to seek knowledge and travel when they get older

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