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Oz '04!

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Welcome to my virtual Australia trip! This 3 week-long journey commences on July 22, 2004 when we arrive in Melbourne (it will still be July 21 in the U.S., so don't let the dates confuse you). I should be updating this site with journal entries at least every few days, depending on where we have Internet access and how much of a break we have from all the fun! :) I'll try to put up photos too, but I don't know if I'll be able to during the trip. Enjoy!

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Last day in Australia! :(
Seeing Sydney
Random things about...
Hanging out in Brisbane
A Possum in Bagara
Whitsundays Sailing
Arrived at Airlie Beach
Oz Experience! Mission...
This is an amazing...
Exploring Cairns
Warm Weather Finally!
Arrived in Melbourne
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