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ADVENTURE: A trip done with risk that is special and out of the ordinary
Welcome! Retirement has brought new opportunities for traveling (at least we can be gone more than 7 days!) and we are trying to take advantage of as many as we can squeeze in. This journal seems like a way to keep our close friends and family informed of "Where in the World" we are at any given time. Come often, comment so we know you are there, enjoy the view. We are having the time of our lives!

 Map:  Europe to Africa 
Map Europe to Africa
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 Trip Journals 
Souks & Sand, Medinas & Mosques
Halfway Around the World
Sailing, Sightseeing and a Romantic Escape-though not in that order
Barcelona, Monte Carlo and all that Jazz
Art in Vienna-Carnevale in Venice
Christine's Adventure in India
Where in the World is Grandma Now?

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