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Taking a Break in Chile


After a few decades of employment including the last 11 with Forward and Reflow (Alan), it was time for break. Parents of young ones call it a time-out; we call it an adventure!

It may not be typical to take such a break in your prime earning years, especially when you have strong relationships, good friends, and a growing, positive reputation [at least, I think it's positive. -Alan]. However, it was necessary! So we quit our jobs, wound things down, packed up the house, did some research and off to...Chile. (It was almost Panama. Missed it by...that much.)


Yes, we brought Rio. Not knowing how long the trip would be, we couldn't leave him behind. As you will see in our posts, a dog can be your best friend, a great travel companion, AND a royal pain in the rear (when it comes to finding housing). Sorry Frank, Rawn, and Jodie but he'll be back soon...with us.

Why Chile?

We always wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking country and hopefully learn a little. The climate is wonderful -- very similar to California (reason #1 for why we ruled out Panama). It has a stable government and well-functioning economy (sorry, Spain...that ruled you out). Our experience traveling in Futaleufu, Chile in 2006 led us to believe Chile's reputation for having very friendly people was true. And of course, the very important criteria of good food with a wide mix of cultural influences (reason #2 for why we ruled out Panama).

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