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Coach for College 2011

My name is Shaye and am a rising junior at Duke University majoring in History with minors in economis and Spanish, and am also a member of the women's rowing team. I am from Newport Beach, California and have left the country twice, once to Canada to row and the other time for a family vacation to the Bahamas. I am ready to see more of the world and expect an eye opening experience in the Mekong Delta of south Vietnam.

Coach for College is a unique and expanding program that gives student athletes opportunities to participate in a civic service program while abroad. This program is an initiative to assist in higher education for middle school aged, poor Vietnamese children with the agenda being to enhance their long term academic goals, the outcomes of their schooling and ultimately their life long success. The program is ran by student athletes and we are encouraged to use skills we have obtained through athletics to help.

The program is set up as a day camp, in which the children are divided into smaller groups. They will rotate throughout each day between 4 different academic subjects (English, morality, physics and biology), and 4 sports (volleyball, soccer, tennis and basketball), beginning and ending each day with their color leader who will tie the academic and sports sides together for a life skills section. Then, to keep things interesting, Fridays will serve as competition days where the children can showcase their new knowledge and skills. My specific assignments are to teach physics, coach soccer, and counsel the red team.

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