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Adoption Network Law Center

Adoption Network Law Center - What better time to celebrate National Adoption Month than at the start of the holiday season? It's a time of goodwill towards men, when spirits are high and humankind comes together to rejoice in knowing that we can help others in great need. It's also the perfect time to take a closer look at your current or future adoption relationship. We hope this article helps both birth and adoptive parents understand and appreciate each other for the magical gifts that they so selfishly bestow on one another - whether you're a birthmother blessing an infertile couple with the gift of life, or an adoptive parent granting a loving birthmother and a beautiful baby a bright new future.

ANLC - Adoption Network
Transracial Adoption

* Do I have family and/or close friends of other racial, cultural, or ethnic groups? If not how can I develop such relationships?
* Am I willing to move to another community, change schools or join appropriate organizations to find adult mentors and peers of my child's race and culture, if necessary?
* How do I feel about meeting the specific needs my child will have in developing self-identity and esteem?
* How do I imagine supporting my child when he/she experiences racial prejudice and discrimination?
* Can I accept the reality that adopting a child of color will mean our family becomes a family of color?

Adoption Network Law Center Reviews Adopting Parent Limitations or Criteria:
All adopting parents have practical limits beyond which they will not go in an adoption. These self-imposed limitations may involve financial considerations, age considerations, health considerations, or a wide variety of other considerations, which are specific to their personal comfort level. If they cannot feel good about the totality of factors involved in a particular adoption opportunity, they will not move forward with that adoption.

ANLC Review. Adoption is a permanent proposition that requires a lifelong commitment by everyone involved. It is extremely important that you adopt for the right reasons. If you are looking to adoption to save a marriage, provide an heir, because all your friends have babies, or because of external pressures (such as your parents), this might not be the right time for adoption.

Adoption Network Law Center.

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