Brad's Trip to Europe 2007 travel blog

Brad's Trip to Europe 2007

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Welcome aboard! This is Brad and I'll be your tour guide for the next two weeks on an amazing adventure through Europe. This will be my first trip "cross the pond" so as you can tell, I'm pretty excited! This trip is mainly a trip for business purposes but I plan on taking a little time to site see as well. I'll be going with a company I'm doing some contract work for by the name of FIPS which is a microfinance company. They have a lot of current and potential investors in the cities we'll be visiting so it will be very interesting meeting people from lots of different countries and learning the culture (and hopefully eating the food). I'm going to be sending out updates pretty often and adding pictures of what I'm doing. Feel free to leave me messages and sign the guest book!! Talk to you all soon:)

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Rough Start!
A Full Day of...
Sightseeing in Prage...
Beautiful Prague
Prague to Paris...
Parlez-vous anglais???
Train from Paris to...
Luxembourg to Zeist
Amsterdam to Oslo
Snakker du engelska?
Arghh.. Still Raining!
Last Full Day in Oslo
Oslo to Mexico City
Mexico City back to...
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