Miami to Rome on the Jewel of the Seas Spring 2019 travel blog

Miami to Rome on the Jewel of the Seas Spring 2019

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Welcome to our trip journal. Soon we will be packed, will drive to Orlando on March 28, park Big Tow there, fly to Ft Lauderdale, overnight at The Cambria. On Friday, March 29, we will take a shuttle to the Miami Port where we will board the Jewel of the Sea. We will join up there with our German friends, Felix and Christel and sail without stop until day 8 when we port at Ponta Delgada, Azores, on April 5 and tour the island. Days 9 and 10 are at sea. On day 11 we stop for the day at Gibralter, United Kingdom. On Tuesday, Day 12 we visit Alicante, Spain. Day 13 we will be in Valencia, Spain. On Thursday we sail toward Rome and get into there early Friday morning, April 12. At 6:05 pm we fly Rome to Newark, overnight in Newark, then on Saturday, April 13, we fly Newark to Nashville, Nashville to Orlando where we pick up the truck and head home. A long day.

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Mar 23/19
Preparing to depart
Departing tomorrow
Land & Air to Ft Lauderdale
Day 2 at sea
East of Bermuda
We are half way to the Azores
Day 5 at Sea, Tuesday
Day 7 of cruise, Day 6 at Sea
Day 7 of cruise, Day 6 at Sea
Ponta Delgada, largest island of...
Saturday at sea
Sunday at sea
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