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To Alaska and Back

Welcome to our adventure.

We decided to do a "shake-down" trip - 2nights in Gettysburg, PA, May 15, 16, returning home the 17th. What a good idea!

First, Paul tested the cook stove - and it blew up. Fortunately he wasn't hurt and the only damage was a melted plastic tablecloth. Iit only took a quick trip to the local Walmart to replace it with a better model - which he will test before the big trip.

Even better was to come.

We chose the Gettysburg Campgrounds because we liked staying there for the A-Liners National Rally. We were able to get a lovely site, just back from Marsh Creek, under trees. We arrived Thursday, checked in and set up in the steadily falling rain. By 11pm we were soundly sleeping when heavy knocking on the door awakened me at 3am. Our campground host - Bob - was rousting us out. We must evacuate the site, he said, as the creek was rising fast. Now usually Paul wakens and I sleep thru events like this. But now, I could hardly wake him up. We were both groggy. Paul, however, rallied enough to take a look at the creek which was already out of its 4 foot deep banks. What to do??!! We decided, rather quickly, that we better opt for personal safety and take a chance on the A-Liner making it thru the flood. So we grabbed what seemed to be the essentials, threw things around so we could close the camper, unplugged the electric (Paul is an electrical engineer, after all) and drove out with the host's list of places we could wait out the deluge.

By 4 we had found coffee and were thinking thru our options. We decided to take a look at the campground. Maybe we could still get the camper out. No luck - the entrance was
flooded with about a foot of Marsh Creek. Trucks were making it thru but we did not dare try the van.

Not knowing when the rain might stop and how fast the campground might drain, we decided to go home. It's only about 150 miles. So we did and promptly settled in for naps. By 2pm we got a call to come get our camper. Bob the host said it looked okay. And okay it was, to our immense relief. With Bob and his staff's help, we were able to hitch up and pull out. The water had actually stopped just below the wheel hubs.

The take home lesson or us was to have disaster plans thought out ahead of the disaster. We'll work on that as we drive to Alaska starting on May 27, God willing.

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