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"You're doing WHAT???" This, usually followed by hysterical laughter, was the normal friends' and families' reaction when, over two years ago now, we announced we were becoming full-time RVers, as in people who live in no home other than a large tin can towed behind a truck or powered by a ridiculously fuel-inefficient diesel engine.

So, OK. We'd never even been in an RV. OK, again, we were living in a 5,000 square foot Mediterranean villa in the North California foothills above Sacramento - along with three dogs, a cat and tons of hobby stuff, tools, garden tractors, cars, etc. In fact, we owned so much stuff we couldn't even get it in our huge home plus our barn - we were still renting a storage locker!

Plus, to go full-time we'd have to sell our home...and who could sell an expensive home in the late-2006 California real-estate market?

All true, so true. And yet, here we are, long after we first discussed this whole craziness, enjoying our trips in our SECOND rig, this one a 40-foot motorhome with enough features to keep us busy learning them for years. The California home sold its first day on the market. We've got maybe 2/3 of our "old stuff" gone, and an elementary plan in place to deal with the rest. Stress is still a factor (although less of one!), especially with our 401Ks melting away like every one else’s like Frosty the Snowman under a merciless Arizona sun, but uncertainty, we've learned, will be our constant companion...and there are occasions, quite a few in fact, when we’ve never been more jazzed!

Follow with us and the PeeWee Rambler down the road, won't you? Below, you'll find a journal and some photos...the most recent stuff is listed first, but it's all there, from the very beginning - so you can follow along with us from the beginning or merely from right now. And of course we'd relish any comments you might share with us as we go!

Feel free to subscribe to the journal as well, using the “Request Updates” link, and we can continue to keep in touch more easily.

Blessings to you all....may you enjoy good roads and smooth travels...

A. J. and Irene

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