The Trans-Siberian - 2018 travel blog

The Trans-Siberian - 2018

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Welcome to my trip journal!

In this issue -

- The Geezer crosses Siberia
- The Geezer dines at a posh restaurant
- The Geezer speaks Russian

I suppose this is one of those bucket-list things. But I don't have a bucket-list and don't intend to create one.

Anyway, I'm off on an eleven time zone odyssey -

Key Theme Music -

Could the timing be better?


Come along,

The Geezer

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

Harbin - Manchurian...
Vladivostok - > Moscow
Irkutsk - The Paris of...
Yekaterinburg -...
Kazan - Tartarstan
The Golden Ring - Suzdal
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