Tim Scotts Coast to Coast walk September 2017 travel blog

Tim Scotts Coast to Coast walk September 2017

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Welcome to my trip journal! On 9th September 2017 aged 64 years I began a solo walk across the country from St Bees in the west to Robin Hoods bay in the east. The route is well known for its most stunning and beautiful scenery.If you are thinking of doing the walk, you will see many references that suggest the route is between 180 and 184 miles long but for me allowing for diversions and sometimes a mile or 2 extra to find accommodation the total was about 196 miles.
I tend to see the funny side of life and have a few laughs and hope you might enjoy my holiday journal recorded over the nearly 200 mile walk. I have updated the pages while on the walk so the journal was in its final format and completed on 26th September 2017 after I arrived in Robins Hoods bay.
I started training for this walk in the summer of 2017 and prepared pretty well for it. As many have observed the early stages in the Lake district are prone to danger and can be hazardous. My journal makes references to people I encountered along the way with broken limbs and more minor injuries. I have heard tales too of near misses and great courage. During the walk Mountain Rescue had to recover a single walker of 6 foot 7 stuck in the mud of 'Nine standards' to above his knees. I've heard too of people walking in pain but managing enormous feats of courage.
The message must be to anyone thinking about it, prepare well and to have at least 2 sets of well worn in walking boots, wet weather gear and clothes suitable for walking in all weather. Make sure to be prepared for the unexpected and carry a decent first aid kit, emergency blanket and in my case for the first seven days a good rope. Don't expect paths and signs en route so its essential to be able to find your own way by map and compass or for wimps a good GPS or mobile 'phone downloaded off line maps.
Having walked with some lovely people over the trek for short periods or sometimes for whole days I now see the merit of making time for regular breaks after every couple of hours and changing socks en route to keep the feet fresh.....the jury is still out on whether to put petroleum jelly on the feet either before or after walking or not at all.
The experience is an exhilarating one and for me life changing due to the influences of people I have met along the way. I guess I have been known as a bit of a 'Billy no mates' for years but have learnt from some lovely people being like an 'island' isn't all its cracked up to be and socialising can be fun. I've even learnt to listen to advice about taking medication to wearing overtrousers pulled up over a waterproof jacket not being the coolest of 'looks'.
Finally 'Packhorse' have been brilliant and a call to them by absent minded co walkers to say something has been left in a room is dealt with speedily and like the baggage generally magically appears at the next destination.
Beginning to sound a bit serious so just hope the blog brings a 'titter' or two to anyone who reads it. I've enjoyed writing it and sharing some of the workings of my mind; a most bizarre place indeed.

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