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Welcome my friend, please come in.....

Hello, hello, hello!!!

Welcome to our Trip Journal!

We will be updating this site as much as possible but please bare with us as there is not always the facilities available for us to do this. Also it may not look like it but it is actually quite time consuming producing this amount of crap on a daily basis!!!
So if you don't hear from us for a few days, do not be alarmed (Mums, dads, Nan, Grandad, sisters etc!!!) we're probably just out enjoying ourselves!!!

Please follow us and leave messages as much as possible, and also 'rate' each of our entries please. We're not sure what this means but we want to be the best!!!
Oh and also if you want a more detailed map of where we are/have been you can just click on the list of maps (in green) at the bottom of this page.

Thanks guys and take care

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World-Europe map

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Moved up the coast to...
Park House Lodge - Mossel...
Moved to Mossel Bay
Mucked about in Long...
Robben Island
We finally ventured out...
The Morning After!!!!
Table Mountain Hike
A Lazy day on Long Street
Leaving 'sunny' England
Adios State Street!!!
The Leaving Party!!!
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