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We wish to dedicate our journey to the memory/lives of Bill & Ruth Nelson, mentors, who passed away in May, 2010. They were an inspiration to all who knew them and many who only knew of them. They were truly the embodiment of what life and living is all about. Enjoying travel, enjoying the meeting of many peoples from all backgrounds so that understanding and peace can grow.
Bonnie and I can never thank Bill and Ruth enough for their example, but perhaps in celebrating their lives via this journey of our own others might follow and come to know that only by changing ourselves and the way we see the Earth, can we hope to bring about the change needed to end the catastrophic impacts from human activities we are witnessing all over the planet.
Thank you Bill and Ruth.

See YouTube Tribute to Bill & Ruth

If you'd like to see pictures from our visit with them October 28, 2009, check out the journal East US and the location Morris, CT.

Photo which won national acclaim in an election filled with rancor and huge donations (bribes, which we accepted, thank you!) of money towards the final selection was taken during unprecedented rainstorm Oct. 22 in Concepcion, Paraguay.

Looking forward to a new continent and new vistas, peoples, antiquities, etc. Join us if you can...see tentative itinerary. Always love to have more company to share the travels and new ideas for places to go and see.

As of October 19 our group has doubled in size with the addition of Jake Gardner and Mari´Laxmi´ von Hoffmann (Bon´s sister) - see photo, both of whom have traveled with us previously. Their added interests and enthusiasm for travel will no doubt energize our travel experience quite a bit! Looking forward to more adventures and happenings!!
As of Feb. 9th, Jake Gardner has returned to the states and Mari has gone off on her own to Bolivia and rejoin us in Cartagena, Colombia.

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