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This is a Blog we do for our family. Our hope is that we can inspire them and you to explore the world close around and if possible travel to some faraway place. We have traveled to faraway places and visited most of the United States before starting to visit places close to Boise the last couple of years. It is amazing how many breathtaking places that are less than a half day drive from Boise.
Some have used our blog before. Some are new. We are not Rick Steves, so bear with us as we try to convey in words and pictures what we see and experience. This is a fun blog and there are a lot of interesting things you can do with it. In the upper right corner there are drop-down boxes that will open interesting pages. One is to request updates. This lets you know when we have put a new page on the blog. Clicking on the top box allows you to see some of our older trips.You can even leave us a message if you want. To open up a new page on our blog, click on a date below. Some days it is incredibly slow in opening. “Chose an appropriate map from those listed at the bottom of the maps.”

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Yangon Day 2
Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan
Bangkok, Thailand
Bagan (Bagan Archaeological Zone)
Back to Bangkok
The Bridge on the River Kiwai
Chiang Rai & Golden Triangle
Elephant Camp
Chiang Mai - Bangkok
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