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Welcome to Michelle and Mike's Dream Vacation of a Lifetime or as we are calling it a Lifetime of Vacations.

Our original plan was to spend the winters in the southern USA and the summers in the Ottawa area - the whole time living out of our RV. As we have come to find, some of the best made plans often change. And we're okay with that.

On the right side of the this page, you can see our different trips so far.
2018 - Winter in Phoenix
2017 - East Coast and Florida
2017 - Texas Again - Cause we didn't make it last time
2016 - Portugal Cruise - No the RV Doesn't Swim
2015 - Texas Ho - The trip we didn't have
2014 - Winter West

Click on our current trip... Winter in Phoenix to see the blog, pictures and the map details for our current travels.

The map below shows our trips and how we've wandered like ants across the continent. If you're just getting caught up you can click on any of our trips on the right and see how we've been living on the road in our bus since 2014.

 Map:  Southern Canada & Continental USA (detailed) 
Map Southern Canada & Continental USA (detailed)
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Winter In Phoenix 

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Winter In Phoenix
East Coast and Florida
Texas Again
Portugal Cruise
Texas Ho
Winter West

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