2011-2012 Backpacking in Asia travel blog

2011-2012 Backpacking in Asia

R.O.T.I.P. travel blog
Welcome to my blog for my trip to Southeast Asia. On these pages, I'll attempt to tell you about my observations and thoughts while touring Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

If you are looking for knowledgeable advice from someone who knows what is here to see, then you'll have to look elsewhere. (grin) But, if you'd like to read about the bumbling journey and (occasionally) funny observations of Southeast Asia by an intrepid explorer, read on!

Note that by default journal entries are listed in REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. My newest entries are at the top of the list. So, always start at the bottom or at the oldest entry that you haven't read yet. Enjoy!

For this trip, I'm only bringing what I can carry. I have a large backpack and a small suitcase. I'm taking many short trips from my base stations with only my backpack. When I occasionally move my base stations, I'll lug the suitcase with me. If it didn't fit, it stayed home!

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Preparations - One week to go
The Journey Begins
First impressions of Hanoi
Hanoi Traffic
Adventure Ecotour in Halong Bay
Hanoi Traffic – Part 2
Trek to small villages near Sapa...
Random Sightings
Goodbye, Vietnam
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Trekking near Chi Phat village
Perils of not knowing the local...
Koh Trong Island
Moto to Nowhere
Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Kampong Phluk, stilt village
Chong Khneas, floating village
Temples, Temples and More Temples
Angkor Thom ("Royal City")
Angkor Wat ("Temple That Is A City")
Bangkok (Thailand)
The Journey Home
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