In search of Rivendell, Helms Deep, Isengard. Yeah! Something precious. travel blog

In search of Rivendell, Helms Deep, Isengard. Yeah! Something precious.

G'day and all that, right on Sheila's, gimme a tinny, I'm not a convict! Yada!Yada!Yada!
Hiya kids, all my neices, nephews and godchildren.
Me and my invisible companion, Sam-son of Onion Bajee, invite you to join in the most wondrous 5 week adventure - the ultimate search in a kind of a Ring:
Dublin-Bangkok-Auckland-Sydney-Barrier Reef-Singapore-Dublin.
Onwards and upwards, towards the sun. All packed, guitar on my back, to be used to collect local coinage on street corners (seeing as how I cannot play), aging hippy in sandles, saying "Man" to everyone, off to the crowded streets of humid Bangkok; the volcanos, fjords, mountains and glaciers of New Zealand; Sunny Sydney and the glorious blue of the Barrier Reef; and finishing in futuristic Singapore. Lots of Dolphins, Seals and Penguins to meet. No doubt, the odd shark or two, including human.
Click and open the dated entries to the right of the map to see where I've been and what I've done - beginning at page 1. You'll also find some photo's against most day's entries. I will never be able to get across to you the sounds, smells and sense of athmosphere experienced in the most wonderful of places. I only hope that the photo's will give you some idea of the most beautiful and awesome sights that I have ever seen. Read the description for each day and then look at photo's, maximising the page. Click on the maps and you can see the full extent of my travels - use both the World Map and also the individual maps indexed.

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