MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
August 4
Fly to Quito, Ecuador

August 5 to August 17
Islands and Amazon Tour

August 18
Fly to Lima, Peru

August 20 to October 3
Southern Cross Tour (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil)

October 4
Fly home to San Francisco

October 5 to October 27

October 28 to November 17
Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Seville)

November 18
Fly to Cairo, Egypt

November 19 to December 6
Footsteps of Alexander Tour (Egypt and Jordan)

December 7/8
Fly to Athens, Greece

December 8 to December 16
Greece (Athens, Nafplio, Epidarros, Mycenae, Delphi)

December 16/17
Fly to Johannesburg, South Africa

December 17 to January 4
Zululand & Kruger Wildlife Tour and Cape Escape Tour

January 6
Fly to Darwin, Australia

January 7 to January 30
Australia (Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney)

January 30 to February 9
New Zealand (Christchurch, Auckland, Paihia, Waitomo)

February 9
Fly home

February 10 to February 20

February 20
Fly to Bangkok, Thailand

February 20 to March 4
Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai)

March 5
Fly to Saigon, Vietnam

March 6 to March 20
Vietnam Adventure Group (Explore Company)

March 21
Fly to Tokyo, Japan

March 21 to April 3
Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara)

April 3
Fly to Seoul, South Korea

April 3 to April 9
South Korea (Seoul)

April 9
Fly to Hong Kong

April 10 to May 8
China - Along the Yangtse & Imperial Journey Tours

May 9 to May 28
Trans Mongolian Railway Tour (Mongolia, Siberia, Russia)

May 29
Fly to Berlin, Germany

May 29 to June 30th

June 31st to July 10th

July 10th to 17th
Czech Republic

July 18th to 20th

July 21st to August 18th

August 19 to September 8th

September 9th
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