MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
This is a tentative itinerary -really just a vague outline. Don't be surprised if it changes daily or we stray wildly off course.
Jan 1, 2006 - Leave Boston -goodbye winter's cold and snow :'(
Jan 2, 2006 - Arrive Delhi -overland trips to Agra and Jaipur
Jan 9, 2006 - Arrive Hyderabad -a long awaited visit with the Rao's
Jan 18, 2006 - Arrive Mumbai
Jan 24, 2006 - Arrive Bangkok -really just a short stop over
Jan 27, 2006 - Arrive Ho Chi Mihn City -just in time for Tet!
Jan 28, 2006 - And after that we'll see where the wind takes us...