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Guest House Where We Stayed...Nice Folks, Learned About Cricket, Guyana Team Played...

Breakfast at Wayka Bus Service & Restaurant (Bernie's place) is so amazing how pleasant a breeze can be! I never really appreciated breezes until now when it is so hot/humid! Even the slightest air mvmt is like a kiss, a gentle pat on the back, an unexpected kindness! Every breeze is a blessing. I love breezes, here, now...sitting in Bernie's place, smelling eggs frying, hearing chickens outside the window clucking. Like a moment Of meditation, except I'm writing, ha...enuf!

Later on the bus...soil here is Africa red, termite mounds on ground like Afr but pointy like witch hats and most are short, less than a meter, gray in color. Going thru a wetland area, road mostly made of stuff scooped up from along side of road, kind of a red fine gravel. Seeing gray/wht hawk-V shaped wht tail, wht egrits/black legs, big gray heron-like bird, wht banded (on head), rust color ducks, a blue bird same size as duck...many birds. Went from bunch grasses and relatively smooth to wetland and much more potholed, but straight as an arrow towards mtns.

Finally near Annai we begin thru hilly country and after our 1:30 lunch stop in Annai we enter jungle. We come to a spot where a huge cloud of pale green/yellow butterflies rise up nxt to road as we pass. For the next 20 + km these butterflies are like a stream of confetti along the road...first I thot 100s, then 1000s, and after miles, even after we go thru a rainstorm, still more. Tens of thousands of these butterflies! Never in my life have I seen so many, incl golden ones!

The road now narrowed by the jungle vegitarion creeping in on both sides of the road...truely a fecund vegitative scene, the most pristine jungle ever! Huge, tall vine covered trees! Love getting dark and see only from the waxing gibis moon, eirie!


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