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The drive back to Perth was pretty uneventful - although it got dark for the last hour and Gareth got paranoid that he was going to slam the rental car into a kangeroo. No such luck. The biggest issue was the boy-racers who seemed keen to show us their awesome overtaking skills. They seem to prefer overtaking in built up areas. Well done lads.

From knowhere, Perth appears on the skyline and we've notched up 1940km in 3 days. I think that's quite enough - don't you?


The Tuesday was our last day in Perth / WA, so (prepping for Thailand shopping), we bundled loads of stuff into boxes and sent it back to Blighty. So now we travel 'lite', although we've still got bags and bags of crap.

The boxes weren't light and we won't miss them.

After final goodbyes to John "i just want you to know i saw your home page and you have gone hard. even i feature in it. you make inspector gadget look like a pussy. love ya work. jonny", our landlord, who has the funniest way with words. No one could be happier that "hotdogs" has been kicked out of Big Brother this week, because Jonny knows him. Jonny says he's most gutted because Hot Dogs will get all the sexy women!!! True though...

Cheers Jonny - it was fun, if brief!

And also goodbye to Tamayo (pronounced Tam-I-yo, not Ta-mayo), our Japanese friend and housemate. We decide a trip to Japan is in order soon :-)

Then it's off to the airport. Brr. Flying. Virgin Blue. Brr.

Goodbye WA!

Goodbye Perth!

Hello Queensland (again!?!!?)

Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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