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View of the beach from our pool

Em stares into the sun trying to forget about her flip flops!

Em trying to drown me...............................again.

....aaaaaaaaaaand again!

Em forgot to go under the water for the picture. Orrrrr she...

A bird in a tree. Ooooooooooooooh. Yeah I know. Sorry. You'll never...

Sunset from our pool

Still not fully recovered today.

We must be allergic to Rum!!!

Em also realised this morning that someone had 'accidentally' taken her Havanas and left her a fake pair 1 size too small in their place. She was not a happy bunny. Which obviously then made my life slightly less happy too!

We drove back round to Hat Rin today to have a look at the beach (of the full moon party) with the lights on.

To our suprise the beach was really nice and had no sign of the carnage from 2 nights previous.

He hung out here for a bit and got something to eat, then headed on back to our hotel to hang by the pool (while also checking out everyones footwear when they walked past just in case she recognised any of the flip flops!) and muck around on the t'internet.

Pretty much a nothing day today but seeing as we HAVE to stay here for 4 days anyway it's all good.


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