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Belfast, New Zealand!


Much to our surprise and entertainment, we found Christchurch to have a lot of street names, villages and suburbs named after Irish names and places. For instance, we saw an Armagh Street, Conamara Road, Antrim Road, and yes, even a suburb called BELFAST! (Mom, there was also a suberb called Shirley too!)

We had to go and see what it was all about, but besides a Belfast Veternary Clinic and a Belfast Shopping Centre, there wasn't much. Worth the detour though.

As we went further south from Christchurch, we spotted a lot of roads and places named after our family members: Don Street, Dee Street, Edna Road, Helena Drive, etc. Still looking for Ronnie Road though!

Our hopes were still high for the town named after the village in Northern Ireland where John Ballance, one of NZ's first Prime Ministers and Brian, originated from...GLENAVY.

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