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Glacial beauty

Alaskan Paintbrush

Wild Geraniums

John and Betty walking from Jeager Bog

Soltice Night Beauty

Date: June 21, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: cloudy, a few drops of rain

Temperature: start 50º

High 55º

Wildlife count: bryozoans, hydroids

Year List: 257

Birds: Sandhill Cranes and newborn colts, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Sooty Fox Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Pacific Loon, Arctic Tern, Mew Gull, Savannah Sparrow, Wilson’s Snipe

We walked to work and enjoyed the bird song and seeing birds as well. It was a busy morning, including a few folks returning to show photos they had taken of places we had recommended. Also, a little 7 year old brought her father and other family members, then shared with John how much she enjoyed the center. What fun!

I joined Carmen for her beach walk at 11am. The wind was blowing and with the waves and cool temperatures, it was a COLD walk. Carmen did an outstanding job, as she has been living in Homer for 25 years and a life-long learner with much study in every aspect of natural science. I was thrilled to see many of the critters that I had taught about, but as they were marine creatures, there were none in Illinois.

We enjoyed lunch at Two Sisters. John had a BLT and I enjoyed cream of mushroom soup with kale – how neat. We each had a small dessert treat.

In the afternoon, we took posters of upcoming events around to all of the local businesses, and then it was almost time to go home. Dinner was a quick bowl of soup and grilled ham and cheese.

We met Betty, our birding friend, and drove out East End Road on our 3rd attempt to find Eagle Lake and Jaeger Bog. We missed it, even with Betty with us the first time, but she found it on the way back. We hiked back to the lake through willow bog and muskeg, but we found the lake and a beautiful Pacific Loon. From there, we drove up a road we had tried before, and now had permission to go onto the borough property to the gate, which was closed. We had to walk about a mile up a long road, but finally had the view of the Jaeger Bog, where we think we saw a Jaeger, though with distance and it not moving, we could not be sure. We will come back. There were lots of Arctic Terns nesting on the bog. However, what we were not ready for was when we turned around and saw the view! It was 9:30pm and the lighting on the glaciers and Kachemak Bay was spectacular! What a way to spend Solstice Evening!

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