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Still in Kerman:

The morning was somewhat frustrating in that being Friday, our planned excursion to the oldest working bazaar in Iran ran into closures at every turn. This was our own fault since what should have been our first tour day in Tehran we were so exhausted we slept. Therefore, we should have been to the bazaar yesterday in the original itinerary. As it was the Ganj Ali Khan Sq hammam and Jameh Mosque (from 1349AD) were both closed as well as many shops. It was fine with me especially since there was an old lady fortune teller by the qanat reservoir who told us our fortunes. One thing she told me was the next 3 days will be especially good and things will go well thru the end of the month...yeah! We also were locked out of the Zoroaster quarter fire temple, bummer! We did eat a very fine lunch at the Hammam-e Vakil dating from 19th century, now a tea house and restaurant.

By 2:15 we were on the road again with our trusty driver, Reza, friend of Mehdi and Reza's cousin who is just about to complete her studies in Aeronautical Engineering. A bright girl, very independent who is also studying German and is very fluent in English. We were most impressed by her...at 25 she definitely is going somewhere! Her mother is a history teacher in high school and father an army officer who encouraged her to be independent!

It was a long drive to the caravanserai Zein-aldin Robat near Yazd where we go tomorrow. Had an unexpected (since we were told the tour only included breakfasts & lunch), but very nice home cooked dinner. Another fine discussion about religion & beliefs with Mehdi concluded our day. This a first, sleeping in a caravanserai!

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