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Aren't owls cool to look at?

Looking to the right...

Turned his back to us!!

Ruffled his feathers, then took off in flight :)

Brood of turkeys...

This one was bobbin' & weavin' all over the place. Almost looked...

Mama & one of the two fawns...

The buck watching over the other one...

And watching us too!

Badger Sett Band...Love hearing them!

Yep, certainly worth a pumped fist, lol :)

Last night we headed into Custer State Park to the Tatanka Theatre to listen to the wonderful Badger Sett Band. As we were driving along, a large bird flew in front of the truck & landed on a tree branch. It was our first owl sighting in the Black Hills. He sat & stared at us for a couple of minutes, then turned his head to the right, then to the back as if to say "quit staring at me", ruffled his feathers a bit & took off in flight! Cool...

A bit further down the road we stopped to watch a small buck, doe & two spotted fawns frolicking in the meadow near a small stream. So cute, we never tire of watching them.

Next up, a brood of turkeys. I found it interesting that they all had this purple/blue cast! Never seen that before. I couldn't quite figure out if they were only eating the tall grasses or if they were trying to catch bugs as well. Their heads were certainly a bobbin' & a weavin'...LOL

We arrived at the theatre to find a pretty packed house. The Badger Sett Band performs all over the state of South Dakota, taking the beautiful poems of SD poet laureate Badger Clark & putting them to music. They are always such fun to watch. Vince & Cheryl have been gone for several weeks this year in their 'new to them' motorhome so it was a real pleasure to hear them play again. I don't know the young ladies name but she joins them on occasion to play an awesome fiddle. Oh my, is she great :)

Well, that's it for now. We plan to take the boat out for a spin later today. That's where we were headed last night when we got the call reminding us of the Tatanka event. We like to go around 6:30pm if we're not planning to fish. Lovely skies, smooth water, plenty of wildlife & birds to entertain us. What more can we ask for I ask??? LOL

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