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Ah, much better. Fredericksburg is a medium sized town - kinda rural - north of S.A. It was originally settled by German pioneers. Much of the town is about things German.

Admiral Nimitz was born here. We went to a really nice, 3 part museum: One part about Nimitz and his family (in the original Nimitz home, cum hotel, cum museum), one about Naval history, and one about WWII.

We went out to a historic German farm, worked by paid state ranger types who were raised on farms and familiar with "the old ways"; pig butchering and lard rendering; chicken & rooster raising, cattle and sheep husbandry, family vegetable and fruit gardening. Old original farm homes. We really enjoyed this place.

Next door was the Lyndon Johnson farm and visitor center. We watched the biographical video about the scoundrel, and did a drive around on the loop of his ranch.

Also went to the Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg, the Vereins Kirche, and drove out to Luchenbach for a beer where Willy & The Boys would play. Got my photo taken in front of the quaint but working post office.

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