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Our Katamaran at 5.30am!!!

Em getting some dancing fuel down her neck!!!

Esther, Em & Dan in their party shades!!

again but now with Michelle!

A bit of shade swapping going on. Em about to jab Esther...

Esther & Michelle

Esther, Michelle, and Dan....who was about to get his ass whoomped by...

Me and Dan are talking tactics in the background. Esther wants food.

If you can't smile when you're about to get punched in the...

They had to ship in a special re-inforced log for this 'Extremely...

Austen Ali. Floats like a buttered roll, stinks like some wee.....

Em ruining a perfectly nice photo!!

Being sexy or wiping drunk dribble away. All while Dan gurns. Classy.

Em and Esther reminice about their 12hr Friends sessions in Laos. This...

Today's Full Moon party is sponsored by the letter 'S'..................and rum. I...

Me and some joker................

Em and Esther.........AND MY BUCKET!!!!!!

Perhaps it was a bad idea to paint Em's eyeballs too!!

Esther about to kick the paint off someone!

We didn't plan this pose honest! I don't even know what we...

Ahhh that's nice isn't it. Hang on someone's painted my chin illuminous...

The moon! If the truth be told I took this photo 2...

Ok where were we....

Ah yes we had left bangkok at about 9.30pm last night for Ko Phangan.

This stopped at about 5.30am at the Katamaran Pier in Chumphon ready for the Katamaran to take us to Ko Phangan at 7am.

We got to Ko Phangan at about 11ish and to our hotel/bungalow at about midday.

Now don't get me wrong the place we were staying in was 'ok' and it had a nice pool however I would be annoyed at having to pay more than GBP 15-20 a night for it.

As we booked on the internet the night before (as we heard that the whole island gets booked out for Full Moon Partys) we could only find this place, which you have to stay at for 4 nights, for GBP 45 a night!!!!


As we didn't know there was a Full Moon party until yesterday, thus we left it till the last minute to book something, I guess we'll have to take the hit on this one but I think it may take me a couple of days to get over it!!

Anyway we mucked around in the pool for a bit and I managed to grab a couple of hours kip in the afternoon before we headed out at about 6pm.

We knew this was a bit early to start an allnighter but we were planning to take it easy and have something to eat and stuff before we got properly on it!

As expected the beach was quite empty when we got there but the stages were all set up and the music was already pumping!

We had some food and a couple of beers while watching the beach start to get busier and then headed on down when we were nicely fed and watered!

We knew a few people we had already met in Laos/Thailand were going to be here but we hadn't held out much hope of finding them in a crowd of 8,000 people!

How wrong we were though!

We bumped into Esther and Michelle (who we done tubbing with in Laos) and their mate Dan after about 20 minutes and basically partied with them for the rest of the night!

There was a really cool atmosphere there and the music was wicked, and so were the buckets!!

After a couple of buckets of rum we went straight for the body paint and then headed on over to the 'boxing on a log' and 'flaming skipping rope' area!!!

It was all good man.

Ok ok aparently the idea is to make it all the way through to sunrise (and without losing my wallet or flop-flips!) but alas I think a mixture of no sleep and local rum worked against us on this one and we evetually flaked out at about 4.30am.

It was an amazing night and who knows we may fly back for a long weekend to do it properly in the future!

Full Moon Party.


We think!


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