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Check out the note on the pump... this nice lady filled our...

Our shit rental car (203,000 km on the clock) - but it...

!! Already there when we hired it!

One of the very remote Roadhouses in the outback, 250 km apart...

Well I guess this is for the men!

Great fun! The Aussies love to take the piss out of themselves

The next few shots are of some of the clouds in the...

The road was a bit bendy - all over the place ;-)

Who's that good looking character?

More moody outback scenes

As the sun went down in the outback, the colours were very...

This road is straight for about 70km

The sun sets over Western Australia

Moody eh?


Howdy kids!

What an effort! The drive from Perth to Monkey Mia is by no means a "quick hop"... The distance clocked was an impressive 863km (about 550 miles, or Penzance to Edinburgh) to the north. It was a fantastic drive - starting in the green leafy suburbs of Perth, then on to the Swan Valley wine region, through Geraldton and then onto the desert areas, with the Billabong and Overlander Roadhouses.

We wanted to get as far north as possible to try and beat the dark (don't forget it's winter here - it gets dark at 5pm). We made it to the Overlander, the biggest (and only) Roadhouse (Petrol station / cafe) in that neck of the woods. We then had to turn off to Monkey Mia, so as it was getting dark we had to slow down and drive the last two hour section at 70 - 80 km. You can't drive very quickly in the outback, due to the risk of driving into Kangeroos or or huge roaming animals, that will definately smash your car up good-style. Remember that the nearest town is 300km (200 miles) south, it's dark, there is no mobiles reception at all in this part of the country and you're 2 hours from your destination. Trust me - you take your time and take it easy. I guess a car went past in the other direction about every 45 mins or so, but really, there was not much to see.

About 20 mins from Monkey Mia, the slow and patient driving style paid off when we nearly drove into two roos, (easily 1.5 - 2 metres tall), just sitting in the road. They didn't move and inch, so we had to drive around. To be fair, I don't know who was more suprised!

When we got to the resort it was dark, so we got sorted then went straight to the bar for a well earned TED. Note: not much "Tooheys New" (beer) around here so we now opt for the more refined "Tooheys Extra Dry" (or TED) - very nice indeed, but full of taste. Carlton Cold is also an excellent choice, but we'll get onto that conversation another day...

We couldn't see much of the resort, as it was so dark, but it certainly looked promising.

Lots of Love Gareth and Helen x x x

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