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Arriving at the Bull...

Bonnie & Brad...Sure have missed them this summer! Glad they made it...

John, Larry & Van, having a good time :)

There are still plenty of bikes in town although it is thinning...

I'm here too!

Dan Healey, this guy is a hoot! Fun to listen to :)

A bug flew down Brad's throat so he's taking a break!

Gwen & Bonnie saved the day, along with Dan of course!

The moon came out amidst the pink clouds...

The sky was quite pretty from the deck :)

Looking further right...

The white store on the left is where I worked during rally.

And one final shot...Pretty awesome sky isn't it? Thanks for stopping by...

Larry, John & I headed down to the Buglin' Bull this evening and enjoyed sharing appetizers of wings, potato skins & nachos while listening to our friends the Ramblin' Rangers & their guest Dan Healey perform on the Upper Deck.

Brad & Bonnie had saved us a table up front. Good thing, as the joint was packed. I was concerned that it might get rained out as we'd had quite a little shower a couple of hours earlier. But, the skies cleared up & we had quite the sunset. The moon came out early & the sky turned a brilliant red. I brought my cheap point & shoot & was very disappointed in the quality & color in the pics. Ah well, learned a lesson & I won't do that again!

Friday evening we were invited to John & Joyce's for dinner. Joyce made a delicious pasta/meat casserole dish & I'll be getting a copy of that recipe. Delicious :) Afterward we played a game of hand & foot & we girls prevailed, winning by 40 points! Whew, that was really close. It's actually more fun when the game is tight all the way. It's depressing when you're getting whomped on. Not that I have to experience that feeling much, lol. Seems like I usually have a great partner, female by the way. Ohhh, I'll probably get some flack over that one!

Tomorrow we are attending the annual Van & Rose Arp torchlight party. Always a good time there! So stay tuned, pics to come. And finally, we toured Four Mile Old West Town a few days back. Took a ton of pics & had a ball out there. Looking forward to sharing pics from there in the next couple of days. Thanks for stopping by :)

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