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I'm sending Austen home

We had to check out of the hotel at midday today but we were allowed to hang round the pool until our bus left from Bangkok to Koh Phangan at 8pm tonight.

However we had to sort out posting our massive chair things back to the UK and also going to the immigration building to sort out our Visa Extentions.

Neither of those were too bad (except the cost!) and we were back at the hotel by 3pm.

We got something to eat and then Em went and hung out at the pool.

I however had the enviable task of trying to find somewhere to stay on Koh Phangan.

Basically the evening of the day we get there is the Full Moon party which thousands of people go to so getting acommadation is a bit of a nightmare.

After about 3 hours I finally found a place, completely overpriced but we'll have to bite the bullet on this one I think!

Anyway by the time I had finished the pool upstairs had closed!

So we went out and got some fud and then got our stuff ready for the bus at 8pm.

After being made to walk around to different travel agancy places and queue up continuously for about 2 hours we finally got going.

It wasn't a sleeper bus and we also have to get a catamaran at 5am or something so I suspect we may be slightly tired when we get to Koh Phangan!!!

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