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Landscape on Hwy 95 south of Needles


Lots of dips in the road

Contrails - coming and going from LA probably

A dried up salt lake

Probably tailings from the digging of the Colorado River Aqueduct

Coming down the 10 mile hill into the Palm Springs area -...

Our site at Desert Shores RV Resort - Buddy Pad #4


Pool and hot tub area

Waterway between rows 1 and 2

All the coaches in here are huge



Palms along Hwy 111 through Palm Desert

Jeeping on March 14 - 10 of us!


Airing down - deflating tires to enable us to go over exteme...

Following the leader


This was called a "starter" rock.



Up and over!

This hummer could not go over - and had to turn back...

A four-door could not go over this rock either - we didn't...

This was the second side trip - another climb not for four-doors



The red jeep went around at the top and down the side...

This guy came down the same way he went up



Not much holding this rock up

Lunch and pee break - 24 people in all!

Larry, Bruce and Betty

Spotters were out helping us get up the hard bits







Only one flat tire the whole time!

Contrail over the top of the mountain

This little flower is called Rattlesnake Weed.

Molly is an Australian Shepherd always looking for lizards


A lot of mistletoe along the way

Joshua Trees at the top

Going down into Berdoo Canyon


Up on the plateau where the remains of Berdoo Camp are located


Ruins of the hospital

Larry, Maureen, Bruce and Betty



Site 307 - our home for next year in Outdoor Resorts Cathedral...

Bruce and Betty for dinner

The Dom was good!

Storm rolling in

The rain didn't last long but it was quite windy!

Newell buses on display Saturday

This was a sports bus - no beds just comfortable seats and...


After the storm

Arenas Gardens Hotel, Palm Springs

Built in 1929, used to be owned by Gloria Swanson



Original stove

A hummingbird taking a rest

Another beautiful old home built into the mountain

Still some storm clouds around

We drove a different way to Indio than we have before. Down 95 from Needles CA, west on 62, south on 177 to I-10. It was a nice drive with lots of dips in the road. We arrived at Desert Shores RV Resort about 1:00pm. We have friends, Betty and Bruce, who own property here and we are parked in a buddy pad near the front gate. It is a lush park with beautiful landscaping. We will be here a week. Tuesday night Bruce took us and some others to Mario's for Italian. Lots of food!

Wednesday is Jeeping day! We went with Bruce and Betty in their Jeep. We packed our lunches and took lots of water. We left as a group of 10 at 9 am. We turned off Dillon Road onto Fargo Canyon Road. The pictures tell it all. Some of the four door Jeeps (which we were in) could not do some of the steeper climbs over giant boulders and the Hummer had to turn back before the "waterfalls" because it is a little wider and couldn't get through the narrow passages. It is amazing what a Jeep can do. Bruce drove half the 6 hour trip and Larry drove the remainder. It was Larry's first time Jeeping and he was in awe of what boulders a Jeep can drive over. We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes! We ended up coming through Berdoo Canyon. In the middle of it was the old Berdoo Camp ruins. This was a camp built when the Colorado River Aqueduct was built to bring water to Los Angeles. This was basically an underground tunnel (about 1500 feet down) to carry water all the way to LA. There are huge piles of tailings all over. Berdoo was the largest camp and was founded in the early 1930's and abandoned in 1937. There were apparently 40,000 people living here at one time. There are a few concrete foundations left. The foundation for the old hospital is still there and apparently the building itself was brought down to Indio and is used by the Shields Date Farm as their retail store. We had a great time. We got back about 3:30. Varying sizes of the group go out every Wednesday out into the desert and up into the Little San Bernadino Mountains.

The 15th we scouted out some more possible parks for next year. We found a very nice site at Outdoor Resorts Cathedral City. This is the original park in the chain and accepts both motorhomes and 5th wheels. There are over 1200 sites here. The site we have chosen, and since placed a deposit on, is #307. We are renting from Garrett and Nancy who are from Bend Oregon and are just across the street. They seem very nice and we've already had lots of laughs there. We will rent from November 15 to March 31. It's a beautiful park with lots of flowers, citrus trees and palms. There is also a satellite pool, hot tub and laundry just out the back of our site and down the path a ways. We went to Jim and Ingrid's for dinner. They are in Sun City (Indio) this year.

On the 16th we had Bruce and Betty for dinner. We have been carrying a bottle of Dom Perignon around with us for several years - a gift from a contact from Larry's business. We decided to open it to see if it was still good. It was and now we don't have to carry it around anymore! We used the hot tub at the park a couple of times. Very nice!

Saturday we lazed around. The weather was taking a turn and it became quite cold. It was also very windy with huge black clouds. The rain didn't amount to much. On Sunday it was even colder. We could catch glimpses of snow on the mountains. We drove into Palm Springs (18 miles away) to see Marnie, with whom Larry used to work. She was down visiting her parents. Her parents, Dennis and Mary, are staying in a quaint little hotel called Arenas Gardens. The building was built in 1929 and used to be owned by the actress, Gloria Swanson. Very old with a lot of original parts! They had hail before we arrived.

We decided if we win the lottery we will buy a place in Desert Shores. The people are so nice. Lots of people stopped to chat and always waved and said hello. We have been to some owner parks where the renters are not received very well. This was definitely the exception. Monday was travelling day. The security guard, Gloria, pretended to cry when we left. Off to Bakersfield and the last two weeks of our trip.

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