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I thin there's a storm coming, but it's gonna hold off while...

Yep, the wind kicked up, sorry about the hair Joyce, lol!

Did the casserole in my Nesco this time...worked ok :)

Joyce's plate...Looks pretty good & tasted pretty darn good!

After dinner the guys went to listen to music. Love this guy!...

Pegie Douglas & daughter...Very good!

Joyce & I stayed home & caught up! Missed her, so glad...

Storm is here! Photo courtesy of Joyce...

Heading to the truck after the first rain...Grass is wet & green!...

Skies over the office after the storm...

Pretty sky to end the evening!

Our friends John & Joyce have arrived! Yay, it's always so good to see them. Joyce has recently had both hips replaced so she's still a bit stiff getting around but we'll have her out & about getting plenty of exercise shortly. Last night they came over for dinner. Mexican food of course! I made enchilada casserole but this time instead of baking it in the oven I did it in my small 6 qt Nesco roaster oven. Came out pretty good & didn't have to heat up the house! Made my friend Suzette Lord's homemade guacamole too, it is so yummy! Suzette is a wonderful chef/caterer & has a couple of cookbooks for sale on Amazon. She resides in Alaska & uses local meat, produce etc in her recipes. Oh my, you should see some of her creations! Here's a link to her books if you like:

Suzette Lord Cookbook

The breeze kicked up while we were enjoying our meal & the skies were a bit threatening & the plan was to head downtown for 'Singing In The Hills' afterward. Our buddy Moe Perry was on first tonight & the terrific Pegie Douglas was up second. Unfortunately, Joyce was in a bit of discomfort so Larry & John headed down while we stuck around home catching up on girl talk. The skies continued to darken & soon light rain appeared. Pegie only got to do a few songs of her set before they had to break everything down. Not a good idea to run electric guitars, amps etc in a storm :( The guys barely made it home before all 'hail' broke loose, lol! Oh my, the thunder & lightning were quite intense & Onyx wasn't loving it. J & J were also a bit concerned about their Toby, at home alone & in a new spot but it wasn't conducive to driving just then.

So, we made a pot of coffee & enjoyed the crockpot chocolate cherry dump cake with vanilla ice cream on top I'd made earlier while waiting out the storm. I have to say it was pretty darn good. I am trying to eat healthier these days but a girl has to splurge once in awhile, right? The clouds finally parted & there was even a few blue patches within 30 minutes! Amazing. What is it they say? If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes??? LOL

After J & J headed home Larry & I watched a bit of TV, even though our satellite was going in & out. We hit the sack about 12:30am and a bit later we woke due to LARGE raindrops pounding on our roof, followed by small hail. We both even got up to investigate. The rumbling was loud & seemed to last forever & there was quite a light show. Lasted only about 30 minutes thank goodness & it's a lovely day this morning, so all is good. We haven't encountered any damage this year, at least not yet! And the weather prediction for the coming days is terrific so looks like it will be a great weekend for the festivities & next week looks good for the rally riders as well. It's certainly green and beautiful so they should all have a great time!!! I've agreed to work at the store with Lou again this year during rally. I enjoy meeting folks from all over the country & love visiting with them. The punching a time clock again? Not so much :) Retirement is the best :):):)

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